Elna in Europe – Musbach

kleidWhat better way to end this wonderful, crazy trip than with a big celebration!

My very last stop was with a friend I used to live with in Wörnersberg and as if the reunion wasn’t enough cause for happiness, she was getting married. Cue jumping up and down like excited teenagers.

claudi daniel

The couple’s love story had been one of patience and quiet growth and it was thus very special for me to be able to be a part of their YES to each other. I was just extremely happy for them and for being there and besides, who doesn’t love a wedding. Who?!


Together with the other international guests, a lovely couple from India, we meandered around nearby Tübingen for a break before the wedding busyness. It’s pretty and eccentric, like the best student towns should be, complete with poignant graffiti and sarcastic signs.

hier kotze goether

This one, for instance, saying that the famous writer Goethe puked here, makes fun of the German practice of commemorating even insignificant stays of significant historical figures.

zara scultpure2

After the wedding (beautiful and special, you get the point), it was only a wink of sleep before I was on a train on the way to Munich. I crammed as much chocolate as was possible into my baggage and had dinner with friends at a little Indian restaurant we’d discovered on my previous last night in Germany, four years earlier.


Lots of hugs, kilometres and ‘chicken or beef’s later, I was back on SA soil and my post-graduation trip was over. That was three months ago now, and since then I’ve done more local travelling and lots of job hunting (but that’s a blog for another day). Now that it’s all done, I’m so happy I kept with the blogging, despite it being long overdue. Though I struggled with putting my crazy beautiful memories into words, at least my photographs can do some of the talking.

Over and out.

**Copyright Elna Schütz 2014**


Elna in Europe – St Georgen


With only a week or so left in Europe, it was off to one of my favourite places on earth – the Black Forest. It had been four years, but those millions of fluffy-toothpick trees still felt like my second, magical home within minutes.

tabea bw

I had a few days to reunite with my beautiful and courageous friend, Tabea. There were long talks, longer walks and a lot of time just to enjoy each other’s company. I can’t say enough how blessed I am with truly kickass people in my life.


magnolia flowe

There was a lovely day at the Bodensee (Lake Constance), where my favourite tree and flower was blooming all over. A picnic in the vineyard above the lake, lots of adventuring and a dinner overlooking the sunset. These kinds of days feel like a real holiday.


Consider me thankful.

sunset tree

**copyright Elna Schütz 2014**

Nostalgia of the present

I was looking through this beautiful tumblr and it made me think of some of the special times in my past. It hurt to leave them behind when I did, but looking back now the experiences aren’t the faded memories I thought they would be. It’s more like they are precious secrets only I know, that haven’t yet reached their time to be said out loud again.

coffee, ukelele and our hammock on the balcony

drawing on the carpet because we were paying for it anyway

days at the lake and nights under the stars

and going for a walk. So many walks! For hours or just around the corner, perfect silence or unstoppable laughter, sneaking through the maize field or playing in the snow, when everyone came or I let myself get lost alone.

All of those innocent happinesses and little adventures

But you see, the thing is,

we all have something we left behind or put on hold. I for one wish every part of my life will be as crazy/fun/loving as anything that came a little earlier, regardless of whether I’m ticking off that bucket list or just spending another year in little dear Grahamstown.
Long conversations and longer silences on the coffee shop balcony.

Turning the whole flat into a blanket fort.

Unexpected nights turn out the best.

Spring under the trees, where a friend is always likely to walk by.

Coming for the tea, staying for the music and leaving only because you really have to

Wouldn’t it be sad if we relied on nostalgia to make it all seem special?

Linklove: I knew that kid once

After spending far too much time cramming theories and law case studies into our heads, another Media Studies exam is behind us journ kids. **happy sigh**

From a class of 300 dazed and weirdly dressed first years, we’ve been battered and slimmed down to sixty something – slightly less dazed and probably even more eccentric looking.
Now that we’ve chosen our production specialisations (design, TV etc) and becoming all impressive, I keep being amazed by the work coming out already.

So, I thought I’d share some of the awesome people I suffer through long Friday afternoon classes with.
One day, when I’m sitting in my dream radio station/recording studio/coffee shop in Brazil/Canada/India I hope I’ll see their names in all the best places.
But for now, here’s a little linklove. Go check it out.

Blogs/ writing

Limit Break!
My mate Brendan not only has indepth knowledge about every meme and cultural reference known to man, he has a wicked sci-tech and gaming blog as well as a regular column on eGamer.

Xand writes clever things about sport, technology and cool internet things. I wish I could get his dedication to Twitter and current affairs… also, his ipad.

I’ve never given Gonzo writing a proper try, but I’m glad Hank did. Plus, he manages to look relaxed in underwater photography!

Button it up
Chante says the stuff that polite people at dinner parties don’t, and she’s always open for a discussion. Nice.


I’m crazy about pretty much all the work that’s coming out of our photojourn class, but these are some of my favourites.

Robynne’s bubbly and adventurous personality really comes through her snaps. I can’t wait for her (and her camera) to work through that bucket list.

I’m always amazed at how beautifully structured and conceptualised Mia’s pics are. Some awesome magazine/organisation is going to snap her up, mark my words.

Jess Poulos Photography
Jess’s awesome event photos always make me wish I was there… even when I was:)


Cityscape, Go!
This is some of Ben’s 8bit coolness, but with him heading off to circle the world soon, I’m sure we’ll see his name on more websites and things soon.

Paperback Writer 2.0
Davey does music journalism like a boss and his list of past interviews makes me so jealous. happy jealous.

One last one..

Black Pepper Plum
Carina is a qualified chef & already working on her first cookbook. Can you say impressive?

So there you go, some awesome people to keep an eye on. There are lots more that I didn’t have space for or don’t know about, but oh well.
Good to know I’m in such cool company:)


The first two pics are coyright Mia van der Merwe, the last two Robynne Peatfield.