Elna in Europe – Wörnersberg

anker wald- copyright elna schutz

I visited the place that used to be my home and did a lot of walking and thinking. I was again surprised by the unbelievably immersing power of the past, no matter how satisfying our present.
Rather than try explain my thoughts to the internet, I give you this; take a walk with me.
This little trail going just out of the tiny village and back into it has seen the footsteps of every inhabitant and visitor, from a couple’s stolen moment to kids on skateboards. I’ve walked, conversed, cried, prayed, run, laughed and thoughtfully paced that path myself many times.
What I’m trying to get at is the special, intangible nature of places, even a short concrete path circling above an ocean of trees. The past may have its monsters and memories, but here is something to put your feet on.




**copyright Elna Schütz 2014**

For more pictures of the Forest, check this out.




ElnaInEurope – Marburg

photo strip - Copy

There they were. My people, around me once again.

Five years ago, I lived and worked in a Christian community in a team of 14 young people. In the middle of the Black Forest in a tiny village, it can easily feel like you’ve built a world of your own. Inhabitants: us.

copyright Elna Schutz

While not everyone could make it, the reunion meant so much to me. It’s amazing to think I have people on the other side of the world that with one hug and a laugh can feel like practically family again. We played cards, explored the city and spent a lot of time shaking each other, saying ‘you’re here! How are you?’
At least it felt that way to me.

copyright Elna Schutz

After Marburg I spent a couple whirlwind days in Kassel, where for some weird reason I didn’t touch my camera once. That one will just have to stay my memory’s secret I guess:)

As much as blogging up this trip has been a great way for me to work through the experiences, I’m not a journalist for nothing. I’ve spent enough time studying what audiences want, to know that loads of detailed travel blogs may not be the most interesting thing to someone who is not me or my mom.

So, I’ll try blast through the rest with some choice pics and random descriptions. If you want more, you can just holler my way.
Deal? Ok.

**copyright to me, yes.**