INDUSTRY pop-up shop at the Grove mall

Hey hey, look at you Pretoria, being all swanky with your pop-up shops and what not.

copyright Elna Schutz 2014

You might know design company Industry from Capital Urban Market or Market@the Sheds, but it’s good to see they’ve found a home of sorts.

The store is in the space that used to be a Maxi’s chain restaurant in Pretoria East’s favourite mall for teenagers on pseudo-dates, the Grove. In a typical array of predictable shops, Industry’s minimalist and (pun alert!) industrial look is a nice change.

It’s a great spot for the brand, since its sure to widen their customers to soccer moms and people who don’t like markets (if those exists, which I don’t think they do).

copyright Elna Schutz 2014

If you’re not familiar with them, Industry sells stylish laser cut things, like adorable fox brooches and engraved wooden boards. This shop has some extras, like vintage sunglasses and camera lens mugs that are definitely on my wishlist. Since the company also does commissioned vinyl decals and signage, we might see more of that when more of the stock arrives.

copyright Elna Schutz 2014 The very best thing about Industry, and the reason I’m blogging about this, is because they’re really affordable. ‘End of the month, student budget, Christmas is coming’ kind of affordable.

A pair of their black geometric studs or wooden bunny earrings will cost you under R40 and I didn’t see a thing over 200 bucks. Let the wallets rejoice!copyright Elna Schutz 2014

As far as I could make out, the shop’s set to be there for three months, with a chance of permanence after that.

Industry isn’t the only laser-cutting kid on the blog, and there are some other great Pretorian brands doing similar jewelry, but having their own space and good prices is a good step ahead.
Also, they have this wall vinyl:

copyright Elna Schutz 2014

Check out Industry at shop U34 (upper South-East exit) at the Grove, on their website or facebook page.

copyright Elna Schutz 2014


Anachronism opening

copyright Elna Schutz

Tucked away in a corner of Grahamstown is an old printing press. It got shown some love recently when design student (and one of my closest mates), Alex Bernatzky used it to create an analogue magazine from scratch.

Pretty cool, huh? 

To launch the mag and show off his hard work, we had an exhibition opening shindig… arguably one of the nicest parts of art;)

copyright Elna Schutz

eastern star4

The work was inspired by the Japanese concept of Ichi-go ichi-e referring to the uniqueness of a moment, or in this case each print.  The magazine grabs and captures the moments of two of SA’s most loved music festivals (Rocking the Daisies and Oppikoppi) in all their crazy wildness.
It’s cheeky and vibrant – exactly like SA’s jong mense.

eastern star5

copyright Elna Schutz

Go check out the magazine and Alex’s other work over here, and just give him a job while you’re at it. Thanks!

eastern star6
copyright Elna Schutz

Eventually I will catch up to the present with the blogs. Promise.