Elna in Europe – Venezia

Elna Schutz venice boatEditing my photographs from Venice stunned me a little.
Sometimes something is so beautiful that you can’t really take the credit for taking a nice pic, you’re just incredibly glad that you managed to catch it. Like when you photograph somebody you love in the way that they really look to you.

Elna Schutz venice sunsetVenice at sunset is like that. It’s a pretty city during the day of course, with the canals and building and what not, but start dimming the lights and oh honey, this is Venice as you imagined it. Everything becomes a little quiet like in an art gallery and the constant tourist throng turns into a few meandering couples.

san stefano

I did my fair share of meandering, to the point that I woke up with sore feet, but nothing could’ve kept me from carrying on walking. I’d take the vaporetto up the Grand Canal and snake my way along the shore as the scene turns from blue to pink to purple as if it were trying on outfits.

Don’t get put off Venice by rumours of stinking canals (false) and perpetually getting lost (true, but in a good way).  This is a beautiful, romantic place with a hundred little corners and surprises to make your trip feel special and unique.

Elna Schutz venice canal

This was my first taste of Italy and since I was travelling without a significant other, I fell in love with the food. It didn’t disappoint.
My first pizza was from a tiny shop that I’d probably never find again, but sells slices bigger than my face (my face!). I quickly learned that a kind or maternal looking face behind the gelato counter directly relates to the giantness of your scoop. Black squid spaghetti is possibly the most fishy tasting thing I have ever had and wonderfully squishy.
Needless to say, my newly attained Italian vocabulary consisted mostly of ‘house wine’, ‘can I please have…’ and ‘this is delicious.’

san marco square

When it comes to my Italy trip, I have no problem with giving a positive, gushy review. The only real negative I could think of is that I wish this country were an undiscovered, tiny travel destination no one had ever heard of. I did a lot of trying to imagine away the tourists that are EVERYWHERE.

More shamelessly gushy Italian reporting soon.

*Photos etc copyrighted to Elna M Schütz. Don’t steal my stuff. It’s mean.*


5 thoughts on “Elna in Europe – Venezia

  1. You totally just wrote exactly how I felt last year. Venice was possibly my favourite city on my whole Euro trip. As much as I loved my tour friends, I absolutely loved losing them and getting totally lost there, sitting next to hidden canals sketching by myself.
    P.S. Damn tourists!

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