Elna in Europe – Geneva

copyright Elna Schutz 2014Here’s a little secret : I’m not actually in Geneva. Shhh…

I’m back at home in South Africa, sifting through thousands of pics from my Europe trip, which isn’t the same thing unfortunately. Since things got crazy busy (as they should on wonderful travel adventures), I didn’t keep up with documenting my trip and have decided to just do it in hindsight.
So, get ready for lots of little bursts of pictures and stories. Go!

copyright Elna Schutz 2014

The three multiple-personality spires of the Geneva cathedral, home to Calvin.

My uncle lives a hop across the French border away from Geneva, so I’ve spent quite a bit of time there. While house sitting for them a couple years back, I used to spend days getting lost in the streets of this odd-ball city. Thanks to the UN headquarters, there’s an incredible mix of people, which is a sight in itself. Men in every kind of traditional dress stride past elegant French ladies on unspeakable heels who cradle Louis Vuitton in the crook of their elbows. I loved it.

copyright Elna Schutz 2014

copyright Elna Schutz 2014This time we took a day trip to the quaint ski village of Chamonix and it being my first real trip into the Alps I was thoroughly wide-eyed and impressed. Well, impressed by the view, not the fact that I forgot my camera battery at home. Genius!

Regardless, even through a cellphone lens these mountains are truly magnificent. If the Alps were a band, I would be their fangirl.



In a valley above Chamonix you can walk into France’s biggest glacier, which made me feel all kinds of kid-like wonder. The smooth walls of ice are oddly mesmerizing and the mere feeling of standing inside an age old place is peaceful (if you dressed warmly enough, otherwise it’s just cold.)

It’s days like these that wake up a little part of your brain that fell asleep somewhere between being stuck in traffic and doing your taxes.
You suddenly remember how beautiful and mysterious the world actually is, and that somehow you’re supposed to fit into that. Surely we were meant to be constantly in contact with and in awe of nature (and for me, the heavenly architect of it all).

At least that’s what I think of when standing in a big frozen water dome.

copyright Elna Schutz 2014

Geneva was also a good chance to be with family and relax in front of a fire with a dog named Uelki.  This was a holiday after all.

More on the Alps soon.

**don’t be that guy who ignores photo copyright. thank you kindly**




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