Elna in Europe – Stiftsquerheim


The third stop on my trip was a quick one, spending two nights in the rural Stiftsquerheim, not too far from Guetersloh. This one was all about the people not the place.
The family I was visiting used to live in Pretoria and work as youth pastors for my hometown church, so I share quite a lot of memories with them. Now that they’ve returned to lives in Germany it was great to catch up with them.



My short stay was completely filled with chatting to each of them, so there isn’t much to show and tell. Still, it’s such a privilege on this trip to reaffirm old friendships and spend time just reminding people they are important to me.


In more general news, my hopes of catching some fresh falling snow are fast declining with each new patch of chirpy spring flowers popping up. Everybody’s saying this winter never really got white and magical (the best bit!) and it probably isn’t going to change its mind just because I came to the party.


Since complaining has never changed the weather, i’m accepting the Schneegloeckchen and blue skies like I wanted them.


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