Elna in Europe – Let’s go!

For quite a while now I’ve been planning to travel after my studies. All the little bits of money I made on the side, from journalism and even the odd pharmaceutical testing (that’s a story for another blog) went untouched into my Thailand/India fund for future adventures.
I may be a Bambi-eyed, freshly graduated 20-something, but even I know that life never quite comes as you planned it and that the magic is most often in the unexpected  inbetweens. And so it is that a week ago I got on a plane going nowhere near ashrams or elephants, but rather a far more familiar unknown.

Months ago, when my Asia trip was struggling tobecome a reality for various reasons, a good friend from my 2009 gap year in Germany got engaged. It was the perfect time to accept an invite and quickly a six week trip built itself around the wedding, including visits to friends and family in Germany and France/Switzerland, as well as a week alone exploring Italy. Part of it will hopefully be exciting, insightful and new, while other stretches of the trip are more a reconnection with  friends, their lives and in a way my past.

Even now, a week in, I’m not entirely sure why it was time for me to be here instead of sitting on a Thai beach somewhere.
But, I decided a long time ago to live my life for more than my own ideas and dreams, and that comes with a lot of trust, especially that you don’t have to be in control for things to be good. It still surprises me how my relationship with God automatically makes things like this trip different.
Instead of thinking about tourist hotspots and how I’ll gather cool dinner-party stories, I start letting the Spirit guide me to what I need and where I’m needed.  Somehow, that always up ends up being meaningful and fun in just the way I was hoping for. Most of all, travel reminds me that God is the home I carry with me.

Usually I don’t make my faith so central in the blog, because it’s best explained and lived out in person and too easily misconstrued – but any really truthful account of this trip and my life in general would include, if not center it. And besides, my name is on the top, so there. For now, it’s a more personal travel blog.

A lot can still happen in the next month and a half and I’m stoked to see it unfold. As I always say to my best friend when we’re travelling: If be adventurers, let us adventure!

I’ll update as time and internet allows, but my Instagram and twitter feeds are always a good place for more. Hashtag #elnaineurope



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