Rise & shine – music in the middle of Joburg

copyright Elna SchutzAnother sunny weekend spent under the trees with a cold drink and beautiful music. Not bad for unemployment, huh?
I’d might have to face the ‘real world’ soon, but for now it’s summer and time for a holiday!
copyright Elna SchutzHere’s one more Gauteng thing to add to the list in case you were keeping one. Rise & Shine is a eco-festival that happens a couple of times a year in the middle of Joburg. It’s small enough to be unhurried, relaxed and perfect for a day out with mates.

copyright Elna Schutzcopyright Elna Schutz

Finally managed to see the catchy and oh-so-cool  Shortstraw, my #2 band to catch this summer (Al Bairre, I’m coming for you!)

Also, you may not think  that you’re a fan of experimental circus/pirate music, but you really should be. Mr. Cat and the Jackal will make you laugh, dance and most of all marvel at their extensive percussion section.
I’m talking thunder sheets and rain sticks extensive. YES.

copyright Elna Schutz

copyright Elna Schutz

Nothing nicer than a park full of happy folks to go people watching through a lens:)

Like this kid taking on all the big guys at table tennis…
copyright Elna Schutz

copyright Elna Schutz

…and the best dressed & excited festival organiser ever…

copyright Elna Schutz

… and of course that one unexpected but strangely amazing shot of the day…

copyright Elna Schutz

Fore more, my crowd pics should be up on the Thousand Guitar fb page soon.


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