Capital Urban Market – Summer Special

copyright elna schutzPretorians love their markets.

I grew up at the weekly boeremark, chomping on vetkoek and picking out veggies. Turns out the grown-up version includes cinnamon mojitos and being tempted by too many pairs of earrings.

capital urban market4

copyright elna schutzThe Capital Urban Market had a Summer Special edition at Moyo Fountains today with lots of goodies from local brands.
From leather shoes to craft burgers, I love to see small South African businesses being supported and making the kind of stuff I’d be proud to own.

copyright elna schutz

copyright elna schutz

I had to dodge this stall in particular. Unfortunately my wallet is thin as a rake regardless how many pretty camera bags and add-ons you tempt me with. Sad but true.

A geometric necklace and fluffy vintage coat did make it home with me inside my market-budget. Win!

copyright elna schutz

If you haven’t been before, go peek at Capital Urban and come say hi at the next one. When in Pretoria…

copyright elna schutz*El
P.S. If you were at last week’s Park Acoustics, go spot yourself on my pics on the Thousand Guitars Facebook page.

copyright to me & my friendly Nikon D40 of course


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