Death of the dreads

Copyright Charles Harry MckenziMackenzieA lot of people have been asking similar questions, understandably.

Human: Oh my gosh, you cut your dreads!
Elna: Yeah, I have hair again!
Human: Why did you cut them?
Elna: It just seemed like the best time I guess.
Human: How is it?
Elna: I miss them already but it’s a new experience. Yay.

copyright charles harry mackenzie 2013

All gone. It was a long and all kinds of tedious process, but what can you do. New things!

To be honest it’s not as liberating as everyone assumes. I really loved my dreads and they fit to me. But for various (long) reasons, it was ‘time’. So, as the most-of-the-time-optimist that I am, I’m trying to love the new hair equally.
Grow into it you could say. (bad pun alert!)

short hair4

Having Jess there, who made my dreads and cut off here own made it a whole lot more fun. And, now I have beautiful pics of the whole thing, thanks to the lovely Charles and Mia.



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