Harvey the photogenic dog


©Elna Schütz 2013Why hello there.

My photographic adventures continue.
Today I climbed up a dove-infested tower for the best angle, only to find all the windows were jammed closed and I couldn’t get the shot. Thanks Murphy, real nice!
Ignoring the occasional fail (and rickety old stairwell), I’m really enjoying life outside the radio studio for a change.

Robyn James and her beloved dogs Harvey and Lady relax in her home garden.For a recent photostory I spent a lot of time with a local gardener, balancing on her walls and crouching in a flower bed or two, waiting for the light to fall just right. When reviewing the pics I started noticing how many I had of this little guy.
Meet Harvey, the surprisingly photogenic dog!

©Elna Schütz 2013

Every time I’d be somewhere, probably trying to balance a reflector on my foot or something, there was Harvey. Turn around a corner and he’d be posed as by accident. Need a portrait pic? Harvey’s ready with just the right doggy smile. Honestly, he was like that irritatingly photogenic friend who looks terrific in every snapshot while you’re yawning.

©Elna Schütz 2013

If you’re looking for some interesting photographic work right now, I recommend Pieter Hugo’s Kin or an old master like my current favourite, Kertesz… not Harvey. But, the giant corner of the internet filled with cats and people holding baby pandas makes a blogpost devoted to a teddy-bear-like dog seem somehow legitimate.

There’ll be time to photograph a war later. Have some more Harvey:
©Elna Schütz 2013

©Elna Schütz 2013He really is surprisingly photogenic, right?



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