Photographic treasure hunt

copyright Elna Schutz 2013You had me at ‘treasure hunt’.
Unfortunately this didn’t involve mysterious clues hidden in cracks or a sweet-filled prize at the end, but there was still some fun to be had, camera in hand.

copyright Elna Schutz 2013

copyright Elna Schutz 2013

Our photography class was sent out with a list of thirty items, of which we had to hunt down and capture half. Some were an easy catch, especially events like the Grahamstown Rhino Run or National Braai Day above. Others like ‘Living La Vida Loca’ needed a whole lot more interpretation (and some good old luck).
(Below is: ‘I didn’t promise you a rose garden’ and ‘signs of other times’)

copyright Elna Schutz 2013rose garden

copyright Elna Schutz 2013I enjoyed the challenge and just the pure joy of focusing on the aesthetic beauty of something for a change. While last week was all about the basics (technicalities, composition…) I am now slowly learning to interpret and play with the rules.

I soon discovered that as much as stills have their beauty, photographing people is a lot more difficult, and charming.

copyright Elna Schutz 2013

‘The woman in the crowd’ stuck out to me on the list immediately and I kept a look out for the perfect moment and girl. National Heritage Day (also dubbed braai day for the abundance of barbeques that happen) was perfect, since a lot of people were out and about in various traditional dress.
Our varsity’s International Office held a great traditional food event where apart from stuffing my face with African deliciousness, I snapped away at all the beautiful ladies. The pic above has some clear photographic problems, yet it’s probably my favourite from this whole task. I was just so stoked to get her energy and happiness without her noticing.
Thank you, long lens!

copyright elna schutz

To get ‘Redheads have more fun’ I made a lunch date with a friend who is not only ginger and beautiful, but decidedly hilarious in my opinion. Turns out that giving her a packet of balloons was enough to get funny shots and for us both to laugh our heads off.

copyright Elna Schutz 20131In the end I got my fifteen shots and then some. On to more photographic challenges I go!


all images copyrighted to me. surprise.


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