Trading headphones for lenses

arrow roadAfter more than two years of being all about radio, I’m trying my hand at something different with photography as the last course of my degree (whaat?!).


I’ve wanted to get behind the lens for a while, but was still surprised by how much I am enjoying it. That is, once I got over the initial amazed bewilderment that something with lots of buttons can give you.

shirley icecream

pool clothes

Now that The Camera and I are better acquainted, I’m really enjoying looking at life through the four corners of a rectangle. It’s a far more palpable and instinctual form of documentation than sticking a recorder in someone’s face. You do get in the weirdest positions and can look rather creepy at times (telephoto stalker lens, anyone?) but that’s its own kind of fun.

ed reynell skate gaze

car roadYou can never be quite sure what your style will be when trying something new, but it’s so great discovering that. I still have a whole lot to learn, but love that I get to round off my studies and time here in Grahamstown this way.

zak scrabble

**All pics shot with a Nikon D40 and 18-200mm, copyrighted to me obviously:) **



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