Visiting Madiba

madiba2Whether you pick up a newspaper or peek into the Twitterverse, it’s unignorable that Nelson Mandela is on everybody’s minds and hearts. madiba3

Since I’m in Pretoria right now, we took a walk along the ‘Mandela wall’ outside the Heart Hospital where our former president is (hopefully) getting all the peace and care one could wish him.


Posters with national and international names stand next to cards with toddler handwriting (and spelling…) as a country wishes their hero well.

On the more realistic and far less colourful side of the street there’s a long line of media trucks with international journos looking a little to bored. They’re joined by a little posse of policemen who’s most exciting task seems to be keeping people like me from sitting on the pavement (?).


The country is still stuck in a limbo of half waiting half mourning, but it was nice to feel a little more in touch with it that flicking through mandela hashtags.

madiba1 - copyright Elna Schutz

Go in peace, Madiba.




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