A break after Amazing.

It’s become a ritual of sorts that when I come home in varsity holidays I take a few days off from any kind of responsibility that goes beyond deciding whether to sleep or read all day. After my ‘zombie days’ I pursue holiday projects and little adventures, but I find I need that time of shutting down completely for a while.
I’ve technically been on holiday for a month already, but the last two weeks have been the beautiful frenzy that is the SA National Arts Festival, hosted as always by my little student town of Grahamstown.

It being my second Fest, both as a radio reporter, I tried to soak up every bit of magic it had to offer and then some more. And how much there was to soak up!
I ticked almost every item on my list of Fest2013 Wishes, from great interviews with musical greats to fun nights out with unexpected crowds and conversations with the most eccentric of folk. I was brought to tears by beautiful drama and roaring laughter by comedians.

copyright elna schutz

copyright elna schutzcopyright elna schutz

There are few times we work quite as hard as in those ‘eleven days of Amazing’ as the slogan goes. Even though we say this year will be better, there’s always that moment you go sprinting (in heels, nogal) through a concert venue, clutching your equipment and flashing a media card yelping ‘I’m here I’m here I’m here!’
And after all the long nights editing, last-minute show guest cancellations (every year, why!?) and improvised interviews, our little team stood on the horizon of the town, watching the closing fireworks and toasting to a job well done. We may have promised ourselves ‘never again’, but just you wait – by April next year everybody asks when CueRadio applications are coming out.

Soon it’ll be back to the craziness of varsity – my last semester ever.

I went into it wondering how I’d survive four year in a little town without dropping out and becoming a perma-traveller, but what do you know, here I am two steps away from a degree and no future plans to speak of! Who knows, maybe there’s a little station somewhere beautiful, just waiting for a kid with a love for radio and big ideas.

Until then, you can find me enjoying every bit of zombie time I have left.

Above are some quick phone snaps of some of the interviewees: blues fundi Dan Patlansky, conductor Richard Cock and musician Natascha Meister.

You can find some of my pieces on my online portfolio.


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