I have two ears and need both

Writing an update on my busy but wonderful life is always a crazy endeavor, so let me start with yesterday.

I had an appointment with an audiologist, which turned out quite well, considering how much fun you can really expect from a room lined with diplomas. Seeing as the last specialist told me the best cure for my ear sensitivity and pain was to change careers (whaaat?) I was more than thankful for all the suggestions and help Mrs Audiologist had to offer.
To spare you the medical details, I have many years of undamaged and hopefully painless hearing ahead of me.  *thumbs up*

copyright harald schuetzThis means a whole lot to me, since I’ve spent the last half year loving being a ‘radio kid’ more than ever.
I’ve worked far too hard in my fourth year of broadcast journalism, with too many hours of the day, night and weekend disappearing into the labs and studios of the sometimes-beloved radio ‘dungeon’ of the journ department.

I spend to much time here.

I spend to much time here.

Of my work projects (which you can browse over here) the most enjoyable was without a doubt my audio documentary on songwriting. From a fantastically funny interview with Gary Thomas about dreaming of flying, to hearing the quirky and  slightly illegal stories of more than one local songwriter, it was quite the jam. I’m quite proud of the almost-finished product, and will hopefully launch that real soon.

As if I wasn’t spending enough time monologue-ing into microphones, I’ve wiggled a spot on our campus radio station. After spending several weeks speaking to the non-existent audience of a graveyard shift, I’ve earned the honour of waking up far too early every Saturday and Sunday to do the Weekend Wake Up Call shows. Even though I like singing along to Nicki Minaj’s newest hit as much as the next person, I soon asked for a more folk/indie/random-basement-band-you’ve-never-heard-of type slot. Soon I’ll have my own solo show to play and discuss said strange music.
For me that spells out pure happiness!

Journ kids working (not at all) hard.

Journ kids working (not at all) hard.

On a similar note, since I do the sound tech for my local church family I recently attended a conference held by Tim Alicino and was quite impressed. I learned a new thing or two about the mechanics, but his view on the spiritual power of sound made me love what I do on a whole other level. It really is beautiful!
You can check out his company and some of his material here.

To round off my sound-themed update, I’m still making music when I can (usually around 1am, which is unfortunate for my housemates…). I write odd little songs about polar bears and blanket forts which make me happy, and sometimes people put me on a stage, which I hope makes them happy too.

Thank you Mrs Audiologist – I still need those ears.

PS. Oh, soon I’ll also be running around at the National Arts Festival for CueRadio once again. Connect with me on the Twitter-machine for updates.


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