The road is my favourite destination

copyright bettina lukasWith exams over and quickly forgotten, my best friend and I adventured through our beautiful country. After packing up my room into a few too many boxes and cramming my little Corsa full of bags, a guitar and on occasion a friendly dog, we set off for all the mountains, ocean and forest we could reach.


As with any good story, trying to build a mosaic for you from all  the little detailed memories would probably just result in a blurry picture. So, I’ll try to show you some threads of happiness from the two very beautiful weeks..


Since I’m something of a storyteller both by profession and nature, one of my favourite parts of travelling is the inspiring people and tales you get to connect with. After selling his camping equipment business and house to travel through Africa, an American sits in Coffee Bay, telling us about musicians he thinks changed the world. In Port Edward we spend hours hearing about Taiwan from a woman who unexpectedly found a new home there. The little wooden house in the Hogsback forest was built by our friend Helen’s patient hands and big dreams.

copyright Bettina Lukas3

Typically travelers are said to seek adventure, but sometimes I think they’re just looking for time and the right space to think. Our country definitely has nature beautiful enough to shut up even the loudest life. Scrambling up the side of a hill spilling into the sea, getting sprayed by playful waterfalls and simply staring at a truly majestic mountain – this gives me a faith in goodness that the four walls of the city will never quite manage.

copyright Bettina Lukas2

There’s much more to tell, of course… But, as the Nelson Mandela capture site sculpture reminded me again, you don’t really understand the full picture until you’re sitting in the middle.

copyright Bettina Lukas

 Happy adventuring,


PS> Pictures are guarded by the copyright owl for either me or miss Bettina Lukas.
PPS>  Ben Howard supplied our roadtrip soundtrack. Here’s a taste.



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