New-song joy

Regardless how much time I spend every day focused on sound -whether it’s radio, sound teching or just me and my guitar – I still find myself feeling that initial first-love happiness of discovering a beautiful new song. Regardless of what brand of chaos is at work in my life, I’m always glad for that new-song joy.

Here’s what’s been making me smile lately…

Purity Ring is becoming quite a darling of the indie scene and this track, Amenamy, has been hooking me especially. We’re so often used to electric-based music to mean loud, repetitive electro, but Purity Ring is great proof of how well a chilled sound can be done.

This one is quite an old track, I know, but I only discovered it recently through my mate Dave. A good part of our friendship relies on a mutual understanding that 5 minute solo by a Scandinavian band should never be interrupted. If you have the patience to really listen to this song and be enthralled, go for it:)

Yes, country music has a bad name among some people who think of twangy guitars and half-drunken men with cowboy hats and even more twangy accents. Thankfully you have people like the Civil Wars to remind us all how sexy country/folk can be.
I fell for the simple depth of this song immediately and wish I could make more music like it. It’s from the new series Nashville, so I’ve given you the version from the show, but you can catch the original Civil Wars over here.

Lastly in the line of beautiful things there’s THIS.
These guys refurbished an old trailer, and now record indie band videos and radio all other kinds of amazing things in there. With all my dreams of putting radio stations into coffee shops, light houses and tree houses, this website has been making me very happy indeed.
I wonder if they need an intern?:)



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