NAF: Found me something pretty

The National Arts Fest is behind us and half the blog-things I promised didn’t happen, I know. Good thing I didn’t name this “Elna Always Blogs Vigilantly”. That would have been awkward.
In the craziness of NAF a lot got left by the wayside, but I’ll definitely still be sharing some of those musicians, just because they deserve it and you deserve their music in your life;)

For now, let’s talk pretty things.
Flea markets have evolved over the last few years from being big tents filled with duplicates of duplicates of things you’ll never want again (I’m talking to you, vendors of fluffy earmuffs in animal prints) to being the playground of thriftanistas.
Since I had neither the time, money or patience to catfight my way through all the vintage stalls at the NAF market, I kept my shopping to a minimum. Here are my picks.

“Here is my secret. It is very simple. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye.” (The fox in Le Petit Prince)

It took me ages to buy this little pendant from WildFlower, because I honestly wanted it all -from the whimsical wooden paintings to jewelry that tells a story. Dangerous stall, that.

Andrea Duell usually does bigger ceramics, but this bunny was a great little find by a friend. I used to think I was too young for brooches, but since ‘sexy granny’ seems to be in style (I’m still surprised.), we might as well have fun with it. Regardless, bunnies are cool.

Lastly, these porcelain beauties by Farah Hernandez are the perfect balance between simplicity, beauty and quirkiness. Apart from Farah being impossibly cool, she’s crazy talented.

We have so many gorgeous local crafts(wo)men out there, making SA a little prettier. All you have to do is track them down at your nearest flea market of choice… and be prepared to fall in love with everything and hand over lots of money.


If you want to listen to some of the things the CueRadio team came up with, go listen to the Fest Forward podcasts. You can also catch some of our interviews (including my chat with all-round performer Chris Chameleon) over here.

Also, since I’ve been extremely sporadic in documenting what NAF had to offer, go look at Eskimo Piano Music’s round up of what was worth it.


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