NAF: we freeze, but at least we have good music.

I’ve been having an amazing time.
I’m having such a good time that I wish I could buy you all a plane ticket, so that you could have an amazing time with me. But, since I have a student budget that would just about cover the plane food and not much more, I should probably just tell you about Fest.

It’s been crazy, hectic, lovely & exciting – individually and sometimes snowballed.
During the day I’ve been doing interviews and running after stories, sometimes literally! A few days ago I ran up a burning hill just to wait for the firefighters for an hour. How silly is that?
In the evenings it’s all shows, gigs and meeting new people around campfires and the famous Long Table (where all the cool performers hang out).

Since it’s impossible to share all the little details and might be boring, I’m just going to use the last four remaining NAF days to share some of the beautiful musicians I’ve had the honour to hear and connect with.

Here’s the lovely Gary Thomas who did a stellar job playing at the Soundkiln festival tonight, despite the freezing cold; He even rocked the socks. Kudos.

There’s so much love and creativity here, I hope this glimpse into Fest shares that with you, even if you’re far away (and hopefully less freezing)


PS. If you’re at Fest and need any info, tweet me at @elna_s and remember to keep an eye on @CueRadio2012


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