Shiny happy press passes

I still get a little excited every time a press pass gets thrown my way. Some days journalism just feels like a lot of waiting around and chasing after people – at least we get shiny special name tags sometimes to make us feel important.

The town is plastered with posters and the streets are starting to buzz. Tomorrow NAF starts!
I’ll be producing my first live radio show, which is super happy-exciting. As much as I enjoy being in front of a mic, I tend to get put into the behind the scenes roles, and as stressful as that can be, it’s a total blast.

We have some beautiful stories planned for the next week and a half… and some interviewees that make me especially excited. It’s going to be good:)
Tune into RMR at 12m-1pm for the English show and 1-2pm for the isiXhosa show on Radio Grahamstown. You’ll be able to download our podcast, FestForward daily from the NAF website, which is perfect for finding out what’s happening if you are here and good for keeping updated with Fest if you’re not.

If you’re coming in for Fest, here are some tips from yours truly:

Shimmy over to Grahamstown Now for lots of ticket give-aways and their new service NowNow Tix. Send in one sms and they’ll let you know when there are 2-for-1 tickets to be had for Fringe shows. Pretty cool, huh?

If you’re a regular or have always wanted to try out a yoga class, why not attend a free session as a fun Fest activity? I’ve been practicing with Nina for half a year now and she really is lovely. Even better, the classes take place inside her art exhibition, which is pretty awesome.
Classes are from 10-11am above Maxwell’s (cnr Somerset & High) on 30 June and 2, 4, 6 July.

Enjoy all the AMAZ!NG

If you’re a regular reader of the blog, firstly wow, thank you for reading! Secondly, if you’re not at Fest I’m sorry for the strong focus on it mainly for the next while. I’m hoping the blog can help out and inspire some visitors.
I’ll be back with the normal wackiness soon!



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