National Arts Festival: It’s coming!

It’s almost time!
This week the National Arts Festival kicks off and all the creative, crazy people South Africa has to offer come streaming into our little Grahamstown. I love this place when it’s just a quirky student town, but I can’t wait to see it at its sparkling best.

I’ll be experiencing all the fun from my favourite place – the other side of a microphone. The team at FestFocus puts together a daily radio show with all the best Fest shows, interviews and general awesomeoness. I’m so amped to be a part of it!
I’m not quite sure yet what I’ll be able to see and what will be discovered along the way, but there are some Fest highlights I’m especially looking forward to.
Theater legend Athol Fugard’s new play The Blue Iris has it’s world premiere at Fest, which promised to be epic.
There’s already a lot of buzz about the unique performance piece Discharge, which puts the audience in the shoes of refugees.
I’ve been wanting to see folk songstress Laurie Levine for a while now. There’s also a great fringe line up of local acts like Meri Kenaz, Nibs van der Spuy and Guy Buttery that I can’t wait to see again.

It’s my first time at Fest, but how can you not be amped?!

Here’s how to keep updated:
If you’re in the area, tune in to RMR‘s frequency twice a day to hear the show.
Ideally I’ll be blogging about everything, but I have a feeling there won’t be much time. So, keep an eye on my twitter feed and Nadia Moore (@fish_paste) for updates.
Also there’ll be some general posts (like the promised smurf cake recipe!) coming through, so that the blog isn’t empty in the mean time.

If you’re at NAF and especially if you’re part of a show/exhibition, please drop me a tweet. It’ll be good to keep in touch with other Festinos and the radio show is always looking for what’s hot.




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