Happy birthday Activate!

It’s Activate’s 65th birthday!
I’ve been the Art&Entertainment editor of this student newspaper for almost a year now and despite the occasional stress and craziness, I’ve really loved it. Come September it’ll be some other journo’s chance to brainstorm stories, interview bands and run after writers. I’ll miss it… at least sometimes:)

Anyhoo, today’s issue is really worth a read. We scoured through old editions, back when Activate’s (or Rhodeo as it was called then) was at the forefront of activism, funny satire and generally making the authorities’ lives more difficult.
There are some great quotes, incredible pictures and stories. It makes me really proud to be a tiny part of the legacy.

And there’s my section, of course:)
Highlights are an interview with CityBowlMizers and stories on Diablo III and the online mag Mahala.

Grab it on campus and around town or read the online edition. Keep an eye on the #Activate65 hashtag for cool quotes from past editions.

Sidenote: I’m busy drinking Frankie’s Cinnamon Cola. If you haven’t had any before, do it now! It’s another great little South African business really worth supporting.

Have a great one.


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