buttons in Bathurst

With lectures and assignments done and forgotten we got out of town for a bit. Before Grahamstown I never lived anywhere close to the beach, so I love the fact that we can get into the car and be ankle-deep in sand within the hour.

On the way we were in Bathurst which, like my recent visit to Hogsback, is perfect for a day trip. I’m so glad that little towns like this still exist, where it’s all art galleries, coffee shops and relaxed creative people.

I’ll definitely be coming back to the little Sunday morning market – if not for fresh bread and cheap hats then for the interesting stories you’ll hear at the pancake stall.

Secretly, this picture was my highlight of the day. Browsing around I suddenly walked into a room full of buttons. Buttons everywhere!
The lady there had somehow gotten them off sold clothes factories in Europe or something to the effect. It sounds silly, but I love discovering something like that, and it was really incredible what you could find among the heaps. Just imagine where they’ve all been!
I found a little one in my favourite colour, and will try wrap it onto a dreadlock, to continue the tradition of wearing my memories in my hair:)

I wish I had space for some of these suitcases and the lovely things in the antique store.  Regardless, a couple of coffees and cute finds later we were off to Port Alfred. A nice walk on the beach, some good old fish ‘n chips and we were already on our way back.

Hopefully not too long from now I’ll be on the road again for more than a day at a time, but for now I treasure these little escapes. And buttons!


The pretty friend in the photo is Shirley Erasmus. Pics copyrighted to me.


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