Sometimes on the way to the dream

Recently I did a little photo shoot with my friend Robyn Kirk (photojournalist, Irish dynamo and a whole lot of funny).

She needed some ‘faceless’ photos for an assignment, so we dressed up the back of my head with glasses and hats, went climbing around overgrown dams and nearly fell asleep on the stairs (ok, that last one was mostly me…).
I doubt I’ll ever be anyone’s idea of a model, but this was a whole lot of fun.

She said to bring some of my favourite things, so I grabbed my guitar (‘Mia’ has made my life happy for two years now) and this pillow.
“Sometimes on the way to the dream you get lost and find a new one”. I wouldn’t be here, in my crazy, lovely life if that weren’t just a little bit true!

Since we were already at it, I asked her to take a couple portraits. I don’t have many photos of myself since I got dreadlocks seven months ago, and they’ve been evolving so much that it’s good to have some to hang on to.

With there still being quite a bit of prejudice surrounding dreads, I love how clean and simple these turned out. Hopefully it reflects more about my character than ‘that girl with knots in her hair’.
Life is knotty, why shouldn’t my hair be? :)


It should go without saying, but all of these are copyrighted to Robyn Kirk. Be nice & respect that please.


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