Lovely Sunday things

One of my favourite lifestyle bloggers Elsie Larson, has a weekly Sunday feature on things she loves, so I thought I’d take a page from her (very stylish) book.
Hopefully I’ll have some time to blog soon about the journalistic things happening to me recently, but for now, here’s some pretty and awesome things that are making my life sunnier. Maybe you’ll like them too.

Choc chip mini cheesecakes

Like most amateur bakers I have a slight love affair with all things cream cheese, and of course cheesecake.They’re quite rich, so I recommend making half without chocolate chips. Small, simple and a great excuse for having friends over instead of working on assignments (sigh).
I used this recipe, and added lemon and honey.


Van de Vlam coffee

If you’re eating cheesecake without good coffee you’re really just being silly. I’m drinking the Tanzania Kilimanjaro roast by Van de Vlam, a product design company that just happens to make awesome coffee on the side (whaat? yes.). I won this pack through the awesome guys over at the the ILovePretoria blog earlier this year and am quite sad it’s reaching it’s end now.
If you’re in the capital (or anywhere, seeing as they have free delivery), go mosey over to the MoerKoffie website.

Apres Ski

Speaking of cool South African blogs, Angie from Lucky Pony recently introduced me to another beautiful geometric jewellery designer. I almost don’t want to tell you that she has a competition running on Apres Ski pieces, because I don’t want to lessen my chances, but there you go:)

Galaxy Prints

I wasn’t quite convinced when galaxy/star prints started to appear in terms of tights, but I love what this from Chicwish dress does with it.
Wish we had better access to fabrics like these in SA.

Lastly, here’s a song for you.
The Paper Kites have a knack for making cute songs that make it onto my favourite list, like Bloom. Hope it makes your Sunday lovelier.


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