Student food: Chocolate Pudding Muffins

I had a little lazy break in my Sunday and used it to try out my new separate muffin pans. They’re really great not only because silicone is much easier and you only have to dirty as many as you need, but because you can serve your goodies in them, without the awkward stickiness of paper casings.

Since I was short on time and resources (student budget, eek) I just threw some packets together and hoped for the best. Mixed about a packet of good old Moir’s choc pudding with simple muffin mix (about 400g maybe, but you can use any recipe of course) and substituted a lot of the water for milk.

How simple is that?

The resulting texture is so fluffy and soft, I think I’ll continue putting more milk into my mixes. I also made some plain vanilla and chocolate muffins, and stuck pieces of Easter marshmallow eggs inside. Oh, so gooey!


I’m all for fancy, lovely recipes – definitely go try Baker Girl’s Choc Chip Espresso bars for instance- but sometimes the student in me just wants anything chocolatey and fresh from the oven.

It makes that last heap of work waiting for me on a Sunday night a lot easier to get through!




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