bands and bagpipes

Southern Gypsy Queen, Shadowclub and Haggis & Bong just rolled into town for tonight’s gig. I was around for the set-up as part of a radio profile piece I’m doing on a local sound engineer (more on that one soon), but also grabbed the bands for a quick chat. I’ll put up a story after the gig onto Activate Online, so look out for that.

There was the usual fun chaos of when lots of sound techs are around. That combined with my rather average click-and-shoot skills, I didn’t get any great pics, but you get the gist.
Since I’ve started studying sound tech and totally falling for it, I was rather tempted to put down my journ stuff and join in. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to get into that side of things soon.

It’s the first time I’m hearing any of these bands & the first time that Shadowclub and Haggis&Bong are in town, so tonight should be lots of fun. All three are nearly done with their respective tours, so hopefully they’ll still have lots of excitement left for us. Haggis is on their album launch tour, while the other two have been together on a DirtySexyRockNRoll Tour together.

Although I’m not usually a metal head, I’m actually most keen to hear Haggis & Bong, because their bagpipes and drums combination just sounds so epic. Who knows, by the end of the night i might be a fan of instrumental celtic metal!

All the guys were sweet and very amped. This is definitely one of my favourite parts of the job;)

If you’re in town, come through to Slipstream tonight. Should be a good one.


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