Hi, Elna here.

I’ve had my fair share of embarrassing blogs as an awkward teenager person. Now that I’m nearing the end of my studies and perhaps entry into the world of ‘real’ journalism, it might be time to swop the sparkly .gifs and excessive exclamation marks for clean lines and clever thoughts.

Just kidding,  I still  love exclamation marks.

But it is time to set up a blog to tell whoever is willing to click and listen about how I sometimes experience awesome stuff or find cool things I hope no one has ever discovered. Maybe you’ll be inspired to care about something, or show your friends said cool stuff or just hire me and prevent another hobo-journalist.

Please comment on anything you find here, if only to let me know humans read my blog. Alternatively, chase me down the street and give me a hug. Hugs are awesome.

When I’m not blogging, studying or humming a song, I do other stuff. You can find links to that in the tab above. If you have any questions or suggestions (Elna, blog about my brother’s cousin’s pet’s band!) then drop me a comment or tweet.

Coming up soon is a post about some local bands playing here tonight: Southern Gypsey Queen, Shadowclub and Haggis & Bong. I’m on my way to the soundcheck now & will try to put up some quick pics so that you can get excited for tonight. Also, I’m busy doing a profile on a sound engineer that runs a home for the mentally ill in her spare time. I’ll try and post some of my experiences about that soon.

It’s good to be back in the blogosphere:)



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